ulta3 - coral silk


Hey look! A blog post! Not sure if anyone is here reading this but if you are, thanks for sticking with me. :) I'm really hoping to get back into nail blogging. I miss painting my nails and now that I've got some more space and I can unpack my nail polishes from storage I'm hoping I can find the time to blog again.

I stopped at my local chemist yesterday and picked up a few ulta3 polishes that I've missed out on in the last almost 2 years (you can see my full haul on Instagram). It included the new spring collection but I've decided to hold off swatching those until my nails get in better shape. So for now please excuse my broken nail.

Anyway, this was 2 coats of coral silk. It's much brighter and more fluro in real life. I'm looking at it now while typing and this photo definitely doesn't do it justice! The weather is starting to warm up here and this is the perfect shade to get me excited for Summer. For $2.30 you can easily justify picking this one up.

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